Advertiser Solutions

Advertiser Solutions

Planning and Buying

Investing in media planning and buying can be costly in both time and money. We understand agencies, brands, and direct clients have different needs. Therefore, we have the teams and tools in place to be a full service managed account with dedicated support that decreases overhead, and ensures they’re staying up to date with their offerings.

White Label

"Think of us like a good friend, flatters and forgives. Talks you up to your old beau or boo. And, yes, keeps your secrets"

We provide white label services so all of our services, all of the onboard process, data, targeting, reporting, are all under the umbrella of " Company _____" We are able to ensure your organization stays at the forefront for your clients.

Our Proven Process:

You don’t know exactly what it is, only that the stakes are high. No Worries. Empire building is hard work and we are sharing this with you.

Step 1: Onboard and UDX Tag

  • Onboarding of CRM and prospect lists of postal, email, location or website traffic
  • UDX turns anonymous website traffic & visitors into named leads
  • Links named visitors to a location, home, business, number of pages visited, and time spent on the site.
  • These metrics, combined with the demographic attributes of a visitor, provide valuable insight

Step 2: Build Custom Audience Model

Eliminates duplication & wasted impressions & drives superior ROI—all while adhering to the highest standards of privacy.

With over 750 variables associated with every audience member, there is no more thin data or inferred references based on single website visits.

Our advertiser clients gain full access to a multitude of data solutions.

We’re experts in identifying what’s working and what’s falling short of the finish line, and continuously optimize campaigns to drive KPIs. Having access to robust insights that influence how consumers and businesses transact. When this data is combined with an organization’s first-party data supports insights through profiling, predictive modeling, segmentation, data appends, and identifying online and offline delivery points.

Public Verified Data Sources Include:

  • Department of Commerce: IRS
  • Voter Registration
  • Home Transactions
  • Vehicle Purchase & Repair Data
  • Physician and Healthcare Giver Data
  • Disease State Data
  • Prescription Distribution Data
  • Federal Reserve Data
  • Voter Contributions Data
  • Assessors Property Parcel data
  • Bureau of Economic Analysis
  • Housing Management Development Association
  • Dept. of Housing and Urban Development
  • National Phone Directory
  • Wireless Positioning Services
  • IP Geo-Location Services
  • Mobile App traffic service compilers
  • American Registry of Internet Numbers (ARIN)
  • & MORE

Step 3: Audience Targeting:

Our goal is to deliver campaigns to the right audience that is accurate. The detective work is impressive. Our team will search, find & target people that are similar or match the custom audience.

  • Unlike traditional on boarding solutions, operates without first-party tracking or email matching and requires no on boarding fees.
  • It is device independent, so you can deliver messaging to any device connected to any network.
  • Every audience member is mapped & scored to their preferred media sites, allowing for greater scale within every campaign.


Use Display to drive reach across target all target audiences Run across both Mobile + Desktop


Native has been proven to drive 2x the user attention in comparison to standard Display and can be static or video


Focused on brand awareness and is a strong driver of clicks and landing page visits.

Connected TV:

Bridges the gap between traditional and digital by enabling the reach and power of traditional TV to be combined with the intelligence and accuracy of digital in devices, such as Apple TV and Roku.


Facebook by default will run across the “Facebooks Family of Products”

  • FB
  • Instagram
  • Messanger
  • Audience Network.
  • Has a dedicated representative who assists with all matters (campaign setup, optimizations, creative, troubleshooting, etc.)

Access to:

  • Programs, betas, alphas,
  • White listing features
  • Cross functional partners
  • Dedicated technical teams
  • Brand lift studies
  • Conversion lift studies

Access to post and mid campaign back end reporting + Cross Device Reporting


Can run geo and national television or radio campaigns to drive calls on a performance only model

Step 4: Provide Custom Campaign Summary

Attribution and Matchback:

It takes talent to know it all and not be a know-it-all. The reasons why or how this is done are unknown. Every campaign should include proof of performance both offline and online so you are in the know.

Using IP Attribution a persistent ID is assigned to the IP address in the match process so that performance through the delivery of impressions, a click-through, website visits and even an in-store purchase shows actual proof your marketing dollars are being well spent and reaching the right audience using our IP Partner Network


  • Summary includes Objective overview
  • Campaign Performance Overview
  • Weekly Performance Trends
  • Device Performance
  • Creative Performance & Ad Size Performance
  • Inventory Performance
  • Learning's + Recommendations on display campaign renewal